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ThetaHealing® - release limitations and live potentials

ThetaHealing® is a simple, effective method invented by Vianna Stibal. It helps us to find beliefs that come from within ourselves or that we have learned. Recognizing their value and dissolving limiting beliefs in order to replace them with something new, allows us to behave differently and thus leads to a change on the outside as well. This happens as we communicate with each other in a session. We recognize patterns and their origin, detach ourselves from the power of others and leave what is past in an appreciative way. We recognize ourselves and our desires and can more easily get in touch with our intuition and our strengths.

All our behavior and reactions serve us in their own way.

Often we do not understand why we behave in certain ways. This has to do with learned things that helped or preserved us in the past. And a part of us still thinks this is the best way to react. So we often create the same situations over and over again and feel trapped or unfree.

Integrating new behavior succeeds when we understand our actions without having to evaluate them. When we recognize the value in it, we can integrate what we have learned through it – without the drama or sad circumstances through which we learned it. We make fallow potentials effective. Through ThetaHealing® we gain insight into the motivations of our subconscious and into the many files of our emotional memory. When our brain is in the theta wave state, it is relaxed and we can change what is otherwise hidden from us.

When we notice how much energy we put into our thoughts when we regret something or get angry with others, feel rejected, or want to get even for something, it becomes clear where a lot of our power goes. We can better use this energy to move forward. If we decide to put our energy into a positive change of direction and begin to consciously direct our lives, we influence what is going on.

If we perceive what happens to us as a teacher, we can benefit from it and develop further without remaining a victim. However, if our subconscious controls our life, it acts on the basis of what we have already experienced – we often feel victimized by the situation or treated unfairly or in danger. If we act in a situation, for example, out of an old emotional hurt or with a reaction that 20 years ago, perhaps at the time was the right one, it is difficult for our counterpart to react adequately to it. We then steer our lives into an old pattern that seems safe to us, but does not allow for development.

To make things easier for us today, it is a matter of leaving the old behind without feeling that we are losing something. To act in our own lives in such a way that what we want to experience is also conceivable and thus possible for us, helps to bring about change.
In ThetaHealing® we connect with the power of creation, the energy of all that is, which has many other names. The point is that we connect with a greater force of which we are a part. This allows us to grow beyond ourselves because we realize what a miracle we actually are. ThetaHealing® helps us to understand ourselves, to appreciate ourselves, to integrate new perspectives into our everyday life and to transform suffering and complaining into learning and gratitude.

We perform miracles when we allow this to happen and it is such a healing and appreciative way of communicating for me that I am grateful daily to have learned it and enjoy it. I also work on myself daily with this technique.

ThetaHealing® is wonderful to learn by yourself!
I offer ThetaHealing® sessions as well as seminars in German and English to learn this technique:
• ThetaHealing® Basic
• ThetaHealing® Advanced
• ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper
• ThetaHealing® You and the Creator

Other courses are nearing completion.
Please feel free to ask me about this!
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