words are your superpower

Johanna Clausen Meixner

I am a communications expert and enjoy what I do every day. I advise and support, people, entrepreneurs and projects, across the globe. For 27 years I have been lecturing in the field of communication: verbal communication, appreciative communication, interpersonal communication, learning and teaching communication, customer communication and media communication for marketing and design.

30 years of experience in the communication industry and versatile knowledge have made me a good supporter. To change communication to its best – simple, effective and holistic. I analyze situations holistically, advise individually, offer support in problem solving and inspire authentic communication.
My love of communication lies in the knowledge of its superpower. Every cell does it, the largest corporation does it, and we do it all the time. We have all experienced that communication can make us small or inspire us and make us grow beyond ourselves. The second is beautiful for me to bring into the world: so that people – privately, as well as professionally, can communicate in a self-determined and responsible way – and bring their potential into the world. Because I believe that is what we are here for.
Me in numbers: 30 years of teaching experience, over 1000 exams taken in communication design & verbal communication, over 1500 exam preparations in communication design, 5 teaching locations (1 Hamburg, 3 Berlin, 1 Florence), 7 subjects, 2 languages (German, English).
25 ThetaHealing Practitioner courses, 3 ThetaHealing Teacher courses. LingvaEterna Mentor.1 Sign Language Course.