words are your superpower

What has happened so far has brought you this far. If you want to go somewhere else, use new perspectives and measures.

Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s communicative field of activity makes one more present and more successful. Everyday communication inside a company clearly shows what works well and where things are stuck. Often people settle into dysfunctional processes because they have become accustomed to them and do not know how to change their situation. Then not working or being annoying is normal. However, it costs the person and the company an above-average amount of energy, resources, time and money. Lack of understanding, lack of clarity and misunderstandings in communication have created more costs than some people think. The good thing is, these problems can be solved and open up new potentials and opportunities during their resolution.

Questions you can ask yourself about your internal communications, for example, are:
> Do we communicate clearly with each other?
> Do we also say what we want to say?
> Do we cultivate a communication culture that values friendly questions?
> Do we communicate with each other at eye level and in a supportive manner?

What are the true company or product values?

Does the target group resonate with you?
What is informative and what can be communicated emotionally? Communication to the outside, about the company itself, its services or products, requires a clear intention. For many years, I have been supporting entrepreneurs and executives in all aspects of self-image and media communication. Often I also mediate between the company and the agency in order to create a common basis where all work towards one goal.

Questions you can ask yourself about your external communications, for example, are:
> What makes us as a company, what values do we have?
> Which of these values do we want to communicate and make visible to the outside world?
> Are our products/services performance or needs based or original?
> Do we communicate our qualities ideally in color, form, image, writing, tonality, … and which media can best convey them?

It is more joyful to work to achieve something than to avoid something.

Seminar internal communication: Clarity and appreciation in the daily work routine

What are the communication channels in my/our collaboration.
Communication aspects:
Say, understand, implement.
Spoken and written communication.
Ways and values.
Communicator, position and attitude:
Who speaks for himself?
Replace blame in communication with new ways of solving problems.
Resolved and Proclaimed:
How do I/we want to talk to each other?

Seminar Corporate Communication- how values work, image & credibility.

Identity: My/our corporate values > what are they actually?
Values: How do values become a sustainable foundation?
Identity and Path.
Perceiving the competition – stimulation instead of limitation.
Effect: What is communicated to the outside world?
How do we perceive ourselves, how are we perceived?
Ways: Which media and means do we ideally use to communicate our qualities to the world? Product check. Resulting consequences in communication.
What potentials are available?
Appreciation: this is how we show ourselves and our qualities, power of creation.

Seminar Customer communication - the power of words, because every word counts.

What is communication and how does it work in the model?
Talking to customers is about making contact and at the same time building loyalty.
How does the customer feel valued in the conversation?
What words do I choose?
What choice of words makes the difference?
What happens when I/we manipulate with words and what may I/we then expect from my/our counterpart?
Which form supports my/our communication?
Instructions, how do I/we formulate them clearly, directly and friendly?
How do I/we want to talk to customers or patients?
What do I orient myself/we orient ourselves to, what helps me/us to do this?

> It may make sense to have an individual or industry-relevant focus on certain topics or areas.
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