words are your superpower

A no is worth just as much as a yes.

Authentic communication improves your inner life and your outer world alike.
Taking responsibility for yourself and your communicative actions is easier when you feel safe doing so. And when you decide that you want to improve something for yourself.

Communication is always at your disposal.

Practice using this powerful instrument for yourself. We have all experienced that someone has made us small and hurt us with their words, but also – that we have risen above ourselves through the words of another and were highly motivated. Bring positive communication into the world!

There is a reason why you communicate this way.

People I work with recognize this way whether your way of communicating opens up possibilities for them or limits them.
Everyone learns to communicate in their family of origin and believes that how they communicated there represents the totality of communicative possibilities. However, what we experienced is only a partial section and shows the possibilities that were available to our family and then friends at that time. People I work with recognize with me their patterns – and their many possibilities.

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