A somatocommunicative treatment is an innovative method that combines the healing power of touch with targeted communication. The aim is to release both physical and emotional blockages, promote well-being and activate the body’s self-healing powers.

What happens:

1. Integrative touch: the therapist uses gentle and targeted touch techniques to release physical tension and promote the flow of energy.

2. Verbal-somatic communication: During the touch, the therapist conducts a sensitive conversation to clarify emotional issues and establish a deeper connection to the body.

3. Mindfulness and presence: Both aspects – touch and conversation – are based on mindfulness in order to be present in the moment and facilitate a deeper connection.

4. Physical and emotional resonance: the combination of touch and communication can release both physical and emotional blockages.

5. Self-healing and awareness: a somatocommunicative treatment aims to awaken the client’s awareness of themselves and their own healing processes and to activate their self-healing powers.

Such a treatment can be useful for this:

– Stress reduction and emotional relief

– Treatment of chronic pain and tension

– Promoting emotional health and well-being

– Support in dealing with trauma

– Improving body awareness and mindfulness

Procedure of a somatocommunicative session:

1. Initial discussion: the session begins with a brief discussion to understand the client’s current concerns and goals.

2. Verbal-somatic attunement: The therapist guides the client through a mindful attunement phase in which touch and conversation are combined.

3. Integrative touch: Tensions are released and emotional issues explored with targeted touch and accompanying verbal communication.

4. Reflection and integration: At the end of the session, the client and therapist reflect together on the experience and support the integration of the treatment results.

Somatocommunicative treatments offer a unique approach to promoting holistic well-being by combining the healing powers of touch and communication in an integrative framework.

Healing empowers, Communication creates!

Healing empowers, Communication creates!


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